Folder Painter 1.0 Crack + License Key Latest Download

Folder Painter 1.0 Crack + License Key Latest Download


Folder Painter 1.0 Crack Final is a wonderful software that allows you color your Windows Explorer folder color and change it from the default yellow color. Using Folder Painter 1.0 Patch, you can assign any color to your frequently accessed folders, for example, your financial folder can be green (like money) and your tasks folder can be read (urgent maybe?). After that, No longer will you have to run your eyes over many folders to access your favorite folder. Having a different color will make the folder stand out so that you can open it quickly.

Best Features:

  • Change the folder icon color from the context menu

The setup is a quick process that entails decompressing the archive and then installing the tool to the Context Menu. You can access it from right-clicking on any folder. Folder Painter 1.0 Keygen provides you with dozens of colors for modifying the directory icon color, mainly taints of green, blue and red. Despite the simplicity, these colors can act as an indicator for the priority or the importance of the data contained. For instance, you can mark the folder that contains critical data or that needs to forward with red and the less important things with gray.

  • Reset to the default appearance with just one click

Changing the color of the directory icons can help you organize the type of files stored more efficiently, as it makes the ones that you use on a regular basis stand out. Since you can recognize them easily, you no longer have to spend time looking for it via Windows Explorer or trying to remember its name. You should bear in mind that you can reset to default whenever you want, an option that can come in handy if you need to complete multiple projects and meet strict deadlines for example. It is worth mentioning that Folder Painter 1.0 Serial Key also comes with CMD support, so do not hesitate to use commands if you find it more convenient.

  • A handy utility for managing and organizing directories

Without denying that there are numerous ways of organizing the data on your computer, Folder Painter 1.0 License Key can help you achieve that with a visual cue. Not only can you spot commonly used folders faster, but you can also organize your file more efficiently at the same time.

Operating System:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • For Windows 7
  • Windows 8, 8.1
  • Windows 10

Folder Painter 1.0 Crack + License Key Latest Download